Animated GIFs from GIPHY

This feature is not available on self-hosted Zulip servers where the GIPHY integration has not been configured by a system administrator.

Zulip integrates with GIPHY, allowing you to conveniently search for animated GIFs and include them in your messages.

Be thoughtful when using this feature! Animated GIFs can be fun, but they can also distract from the content of a conversation.

  1. First, open the compose box.

  2. Click the GIPHY logo at the bottom of the compose box. This opens the GIPHY search tool.

  3. Use the search tool to find a GIF you'd like to use.

  4. Click on an image to insert a link to the GIF in the compose box.

  5. Send the message. Zulip will display the GIF like any other linked image.

You can preview the message before sending to see what the message will look like.

Note that some organizations disable previews of linked images.

Restrict maximum rating of GIFs retrieved from GIPHY

This feature is only available to organization owners and administrators.

By default, the GIPHY integration is configured to only retrieve GIFs that GIPHY categorizes as rated G (General audience). You can change this configure or disable GIPHY integration entirely:

  1. Click on the gear () icon in the upper right corner of the web or desktop app.

  2. Select Organization settings.

  3. On the left, click Organization settings.

  4. Under Other settings, select a rating from Maximum rating of GIFs.

  5. Click Save changes.


GIPHY is a third-party service owned by Facebook, and any text you enter into Zulip's GIPHY search box will be sent by your browser to GIPHY's servers via the GIPHY API. Because this request is done directly by your browser, GIPHY will be able to see your IP address, and may use that data to track you, similar to if you visited the GIPHY website and typed the same search keywords there.

Zulip proxies all external images in messages through the server, including those from GIPHY, to prevent images from being used to track recipients of GIFs from GIPHY.